What is the Carcam used for?

The CarCam has many applications such as:
Auto Racing..Extreme Outdoor Sports..
Car Safety..Accident Evidence..
4WD Adventures..Standard everyday use..

Models Available

Carcam Lite
Carcam 1080p
Carcam Global.

All Car Cam units come with a 12 month Warranty eu lacus vel justo pharetra vulputate.


Full HD 1080P Video

With High Definition (HD) recording, you won't miss a moment. Able to record and playback footage at superior HD quality ensures an enhanced action experience. Everything about this camera oozes quality

2.0" LCD Screen

Gone are the days of recording your videos blindly. You now get to view the unfolding action on a high clarity rotating tilt screen rather than waiting to get home and transfer any files. Allows you to Live view your footage from any angle and playback to review any footage on the fly.

32 GB SD Storage

Whoa! Now that's heaps! Sporting a whopping 32GB max. storage space means you can record for hours on end, allowing you to have fun and concentrate on the action.

Infrared Night Mode.(IR)

With built-in IR capabilities, you can now record in either pitch black, or low light conditions. This is a new feature, not found on other car cam models. .

Plug and Play USB

Transfering your footage is as simple as plugging the device in a USB port anywhere, anytime and accessing and accessing the files. No special software needed. Plug and Play!


The CarCam comes supplied with a sturdy windscreen suction bracket. It is also compatable with out high performance brackets for exterior car mounting.

Latest news

  • What are others saying?


    I mount it on the front of the car and use it to monitor tyre performce of our race cars - Kevin, Sydney NSW

    After being in an accident in the past, I know what a pain it is to deal with insurance companies and other drivers. Luckily for me, I had all the evidence I needed this time. Julie, Adelaide , SA.>

    I use it to capture any unexpected events as I come and go from work. My boss doesn't believe me that the traffic is crazy some mornings, so now i just show playback the footage Helen, Dolls Point NSW.

  • New accessories available.




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Pricing table

Features Lite 1080p Global Hwire
Tilt Camera Shift
IR- Infrared Night Video
Outdoor Use
5" LCD Screen
GPS Tracking
Prices $59 $99 $149 $249

Which Model is for You

  • Availability

    Car Cams are only available through our authorised wholesalers and partners. You can ensure you are purchasing a quality product by visiting one of our stores here.

  • Colours

    Choose from a wide variety of colours to suit any application.

    All carcams are coated in a silicone based pigment for extended life

  • Other uses

    Carcam is primarily used for automotive but can be retrofitted for extreme adventure and sports such assurfing skatebaording and motorbike camera

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